Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Zach and His First Date

My sweet, innocent, adorable, almost 3 year old had his first date last Friday, followed a day later by his second date. Wow, how time flies, they are starting younger and younger these days.  It should be noted it was with an older woman too, she's 22. Let me explain.

Since Zach started daycare last August he has been in love, I mean LOOOOVE, with his teacher, Miss Megan. I thought this "Megan" was a girl in his class for the first few days. He went on and one and on about Megan.  Then I put two and two together and figured out it was his teacher that he was going on about.  This "romance" has blossomed all year long. Megan even tells me Zach notices the smallest things about her, like a new necklace or new toenail polish.  If she sneezes or coughs he quickly asks, "are you sick?" He will race down the hall to his class to jump in Miss Megan's arms each morning, without a look back and only a casual, "bye Mom". 

On Megan's birthday a few weeks ago, Zach surprised her with flowers:

Oh how the other teachers, ooed and ahhhed and talked about Zach's well known crush.  He even looks at her with a shy little grin that would make you melt.  

Well, Megan has become a much trusted and underpaid babysitter to our tribe.  This past Friday night Julio and I decided we needed a night out so we enlisted Megan's services, once again.  Only this time we decided to let Zach take Megan on a "date".  Megan arrived at the appointed hour (Zach decided she should drive to prove he was a modern kind of guy) and Julio set him down to have a "chat":

Zach was dressed in his finest Thomas the train collared shirt and matching shorts and Julio proceeded to explain to him how to be a gentleman.  Then Zach asked for money.  This picture is Julio "loaning" Zach $20 for his hot date at McDonald's.  Zach put the money in his pocket and kept it there until it was time to pay. He then let Megan order her food and his, (again proving he is modern like that and can let her order for him instead of vice versa), and he pulled the $20 out of his pocket to pay.

Megan was kind enough to even let Zach show his stuff on the the indoor play ground. He climbed for her, slid down the slides for her and even shot a few hoops.  When he felt he had significantly impressed his date they came home and said good night.  I think they look pretty happy:

I'm not sure, but I get the impression Megan was expecting a kiss, she appears to be leaning in for one, but I believe Zach played it a little coy, at least in front of his Mom:

And, the best part? They had a second date the next day as Megan took Zach to his Daddy's wedding! Wow, a second date the next day and to a wedding at that! I think I have a little Don Juan on my hands!  Apparently the neighbors even approved as all the men were giving Zach thumbs up as they left!

They really grow up too fast these days...

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

Too cute! I hope he and Miss Megan remain friends. The four year old flower girl at our wedding has now graduated from college and is a Facebook friend. I've loved watching her grow and become this lovely young lady. :-)