Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thunderstorms and Bubblebaths-a follow up

A while back I wrote a post on Thunderstorms and Bubblebaths. I questioned whether it was true that you could get struck by lightning in your tub/shower/house. Well, I am now posting an interesting follow up to that post. 

We had a pretty nasty thunderstorm on Sunday. Julio and I were in the kitchen talking, he was by the sink, I was standing by the dishwasher. There was a very loud clap of thunder and I instantly saw a flash, a spark and heard a "pop". I had been struck! Mind you it was just a little spark, but nonetheless, I had been struck by lightning! OMG, ya'll! I yelped, then just kinda stood there staring at Julio like, "did that just happen?" I burst into tears. It really scared me!

I was standing with my hip next to the metal bracket that mounts the dishwasher and apparently lightning struck somewhere near my house and traveled up through my dishwasher. I noticed on Tuesday that I actually had a little bruise where it had hit me. It really was just a little jolt, nothing all that major, but it certainly shook me up a bit! 

I am so glad Julio was standing next to me, because I know he would have never believed me otherwise! He actually saw the little spark and heard the "pop" as it struck. What a surreal experience! 


duvetdiva said...

Wow that is very scary, I am glad you are OK, Also did you know that in a thunderstorm if you are wearing an under-wired bra you should take it off.. See here for why !

Jay said...

That's actually kinda awesome.

I think next time there is a big storm here I will probably just sit on the floor in the middle of the living room in my rubber suit now. ;-)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

That is so bizarre! I'm glad it was just a little pop. My mom used to make us get off the phone and out of the bath when there was lightening. I never knew if any of that was true, but I guess ya never know!

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