Sunday, June 6, 2010

Married Life?

Julio sent me this...not sure if he was trying to tell me something or not...huh. Either way it's pretty funny:
At least she figured out how to speak a language he understood!


Matt-Man said...

It's kinda funny, but I don't like it. People still have to keep their own identity. Being married shouldn't be a 24/7 thing every day.

Even if married, people need their space. If, as it said in regards to marriage that one and one make don't make two, they make one, that means one person has lost their identity.

Cheers Mandy!!

Mandy said...

Matt-Zan-Absolutely people should keep their own identity. It is an absolute necessity. I just found it to be a funny post, is all...don't really believe it...I would lose my mind if not given my own space from time to time, no question! :)

Darkwulfe said...

I agree Matt that there is some individuality that is kept once the know is tied. But I also think that there are some necessary changes that take place. It is a mutual thing that happens in the lives of both. In this case, I just found that little joke hilarious. But you are right. True love gives wings...not a chain and ball.