Thursday, January 28, 2010

The State of South Carolina Politics

South Carolina seems to like to keep the comedians full of jokes these days.  One local radio host says that our politicians are an "economic stimulus plan for talk show hosts." I, unfortunately must agree.

We are home to Congressman Joe Wilson whose outburst, "You Lie!" was the two words heard 'round the world. My family has known Joe and his family since before I was born. When I had a paper due on the Declaration of Independence Joe had his office send me a HUGE box of anything and everything imaginable on the D of I. He is the epitome of decorum. This "situation" he found himself in the middle of is so outside of his personality it is amazing. When I first heard about this, I was sure they must be mistaken. Had Joe simply sat quietly through the speech and then presented his side as the "republican rebuttal" to the reporters after the speech it would have gone over so much better. However, I don't know if it would have received anywhere near the attention. I don't agree with his method, however, I do think he had a point.  I am proud to see he behaved himself last night during the State of the Union. Of course, we all joked and wondered if someone had duct taped him to keep him under control. Don't you know President Obama must have glared towards him a time or two?
Then we have our "Luv Gov" as a friend of mine likes to refer to him. Our Governor Mark Sanford who flew off to Argentina after losing his security detail to spend time with his "soul mate". Thanks to the Governor "hiking on the Appalachian Trail" has taken on a new meaning.  

Of course this leads me to our latest headline grabbing politician. Our illustrious Lt. Governor Andre Baur, who this past week compared welfare recipients to stray animals. And the rest of the country wonders why we did not want to impeach Governor Sanford? I give you exhibit A. Trust me the alternative was much, much worse. If you think we are in the headlines a lot now, you should see what would happen if we had a Governor "do you know who I am" Baur. Baur has had his share of bad publicity, speeding tickets, a plane crash and his latest comments about welfare. 
John Stewart has had a great time with this latest saying:
“It’s not always easy to fill a half hour comedy program with three minutes of comedy, that’s why we are especially grateful to those frequent contributors, those who give more than their fair share,” Stewart said during his show Monday night. “Like the state of South Carolina, whose elected representatives yell ‘you lie!’ at the President, whose governors use taxpayer funds to fly to Argentina to see their mistress and whose ordinary citizens get arrested for having sex with a horse.”
“The same horse … on two separate occasions,” Stewart notes.

If you haven't had a chance to see Stewart's 3 minute video from the Daily Show about South Carolina then you must click here. It is so funny and well worth your three minutes. Seriously take a look...Stewart calls South Carolina politics the gift that keeps on giving. 
While I do love South Carolina, I must admit, we have had more than our fair share of media attention for our elected leaders. If you think these are the only three examples, I invite you to google: Roland Corning (busted for having sex in a cemetery. With an 18 year old exotic dancer), Rusty DePass (my Godfather, actually), Earle Morris, and Charles Sharpe. Of course there was also Operation Lost Trust and I won't even mention that although he serves in NC John Edwards  was actually born in SC. Hmmm, is there something in the water?  I know there is corruption everywhere, we in SC just seem to want to air all our dirty laundry at the same time. 

Hey at least it's giving John Stewart (and the rest of the country) some good laughs!


Doc said...

Wheew... sure am glad I'm in NC. LOL

Jay said...

Yeah, you're state provides a lot of great entertainment for the rest of us. Although your Lt. Gov's description of poor people wasn't funny.

The most entertaining thing about SC is the Gamecocks though. Especially when they're just called "The Cocks" And people talk about "beating the Cocks." And back when USC had a QB named Smelly. Yeah, a "Smelly Cock" that made me LOL every time. ;-)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

You should give living in WV a try. Every time I turn around, there is some article about how WV is the fattest, dumbest, poorest state in the US, not to mention we have the whole toothless and outhouse stereotypes going on. The sad thing is that these are only stereotypes that live on and on and not actually the truth. (And I'm an import and it ticks me off - my CHILDREN were born here.)

Anonymous said...

I actually try to take it in stride, sort of "I am from SC and I'm NOT a f-up!" It makes me feel special.

Will Shealy said...

Nicely written Mandy! Although I still try to hold out some hope for Obama, I'm trying even harder to hold out hope for the politics of our state. Here's to 2010 bringing some positive coverage for our politicos. (Though I can't say I'll hold my breath)

Four Dinners said...

Wherever you go it's the same old same old.

Politicians should be banned from entering politics the second they show an interest.