Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Somedays I Really LOVE My Job

Yesterday was one of the days I really love my job. First I got a phone call from my boss telling me she is coming to spend Wednesday and Thursday with me next week. Why does this excite me you ask? Well, we have a really great time together. We were both told during training a couple of weeks ago that we were "cut from the same cloth". She's every bit as sarcastic as I am and we laugh almost all day long. Those of you that know me are probably very frightened to imagine there could be another so much like me out there...but I take it as a huge compliment as she is just a terrific person. So not only will I see her those two days, then I leave on Friday (again) to go back to Charlotte for a quiet evening an evening of missing my family in a hotel and a class on Saturday. So, while it does stink I have to lose a weekend day, I do learn a lot (apparently someone from Zoll is coming to talk to us about their AED's) and I enjoy seeing my boss.

THEN, I was able to go see one of my favorite accounts. I service two tug boat accounts on the port of Charleston. What this entails is driving out on the docks and boarding each tug to check their first aid supplies, AED's, etc. It was a crystal clear day in Charleston, a little cold and windy, but beautiful. I LOVE going out on the water. Of course, they were docked, but they always say they will take me out if I just say the word...hmmm...thinking Springtime sounds good to me! Wonder if they would let me do a little fishing, too?? Ha!

These are the tugs: Christopher, Cape May, Elizabeth, and Ann Moran

This is the pier/dock I drove down...and backed all the way back up

Another view of the tugs

Then later I was at another of my "fun" accounts, the North Charleston Recreation Department and I noticed a caravan of rigs, trailers, RV's, cars, etc pulling in the parking lot of the Armory across the street, where I also had to visit.  I talked to my contact to discover they were filming an episode of Army Wives, which just happens to be one of my favorite shows. I knew they filmed in North Charleston, so it wasn't a complete shock, but it was pretty exciting to be right there. I was able to service the Armory as usual, while avoiding camera, light and power cords. I can't wait to watch that episode, now!

Some of the trucks with equipment for the shooting of the episode

Some of the trailers/RV's for the celebrities

You can see the 1st truck, some lights on the roof and the "Armory" sign on the building

THEN, I found out one of the largest construction companies in our area is having a huge meeting ON my birthday (February 11-in case you were wondering) and I have been invited to come and sell cabinets, refill cabinets, etc while they are in the meeting! Sounds like a great way to spend my birthday morning to me!

So as bad as Monday was, Tuesday was much, much better. Anytime I can get on the water I have a good day. Just being near it is so calming to me. I even did some of my paperwork yesterday morning at the Country Club of Charleston where I sat by the Cooper River and enjoyed the view. I can totally handle bad days as long as there are more good than bad, and as long as they are followed with days like Tuesday! 


Doc said...

Look on the bright side... Maybe you will see some snow in Charlotte like you did last time... Or not! LOL

Evil Twin's Wife said...

A great day and good things to look forward to as well! :-)

Will Shealy said...

The water thing must be genetic. We've both always been very drawn to it. Sounds like you had a fantastic day!