Friday, January 29, 2010

The Devan Downey Show

You have to look no further than the title of this blog to know I am a proud Gamecock. It runs deep. I am a huge college football fan and also enjoy basketball and baseball. Hey, I played college softball, albeit briefly, but that's a story for another day.

That being said you can imagine how exciting it was for me to watch the Gamecocks not only play a GREAT game with but follow through and beat the number 1 Kentucky Wildcats on Tuesday night. What a great game that was! I rarely watch an entire basketball game start to finish, but this one had my attention from the tip off to the final shot.

This game could easily be called the Devan Downey show. What a huge amount of talent in a 5'9" body. Wow. The way he fades back as he shoots a three pointer to avoid the much taller player guarding him. His ability to weave through two and three players to toss up a layup is awe inspiring. I couldn't help but be reminded of Muggsy Bogues who I saw play when he was a Charlotte Hornet. Of course Muggsy is only 5'3", I just saw similarities between his and Downey's sheer determination and will.

I am just a big fan of this guy. He is averaging 22.4 points per game, and is a team leader with so much spirit and encouragement. He was getting the crowd excited and urging them to rush the court after the win. When they did he would hug anyone who came near him telling them, "I told you so" (Note, USC was fined $25K because the fans rushed the court. As they were leaving the arena, many fans were handing Athletic Director, Eric Hyman cash to cover the fine).

Downey said, "It had to be one of my best performances as far as willing my team to victory. I'm not saying I did it myself, but I was encouraging guys and guys fed off my confidence. Somebody told me it was Tim Tebow like, just willing your team to victory."

If only all it took was a little will and encouragement to win games. Then, perhaps, we'd have a winning football team! Ha! But, alas, we long suffering Cock, ah, Gamecock fans will just have to enjoy this while it lasts. I mean, it looks like the NIT is going to be about all we can hope for this year (also known as 65th best-or worse!), even after this win, it is, afterall, only one win in a very long season.


Doc said...

It was a great win!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm a basketball dummy. LOL. Football? I can hang with that and I get it. I even get baseball, although I don't keep up with it, but bball? Just never got into it - but it's good to have a passion in life! :-)

Four Dinners said...

bouncy bouncy...bouncy bouncy...

be much more fun if they were all 5 feet instead of 7 feet!..;-)