Monday, June 11, 2012

Zach-a-roni's Fourth Birthday

Four years ago today my little man came into this world. While his sisters clawed, twisted and fought their way out, Zach, well, Zach entered with three simple pushes and boom. It was over. He was here and I was in shock. Can childbirth really be that (comparatively) easy? I wondered if this meant this was going to be my long awaited laid back, easy going child. 

I would say in a lot of ways he is. Most of the time.  Zach is certainly more easy going than his sisters, however, I chalk a bit of that up to his being a boy. All my life all I ever dreamed about was having a little girl. When I was blessed with two, I assumed I would never have a baby boy and I was actually pretty okay with that, well you know what assuming does, right?  

I cannot tell you the all they ways Zach has changed me. It is so different parenting a boy than parenting girls.  They all are my heart. I love them so much it hurts at times, however, there is just "something" about a baby boy. The way he cuddles me, the way he loves me, the way he interacts with me, it is so different. I woke up the other morning to find him cuddled next to me, stroking my face and just grinning from ear to ear. It was the happiest way to open my eyes I could ever imagine.

Zach will tell anyone who will listen his is "Mama's Boy". Warms my heart every time. However, before you go telling me how I need to cut that out, how that is just making him soft, I suggest you read the The Mama's Boy Myth by Kate Stone Lombardi, in it Lombardi discusses the tremendous benefits that come from a son's close emotional relationship with his Mother. 

This year Zach's big requests for his birthday included Spider-Man, Batman and Buzz Lightyear. Buzz has been holding on for a while now, however Spider-Man and Batman are new to the party.  His favorite book currently is "Going on a Bear Hunt". He has it memorized as he has done with every favorite.  He can read recite every word in that book as well as in "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" last year's fave.  Hmm, seems to be a bear theme going... I enjoy watching more of the little boy come out in him. He is getting rougher and tougher and generally more "boyish" and less "babyish". He enjoys cuddling up with me and watching movies, going swimming and antagonizing his sisters.  The interesting thing to watch is how Molly is very competitive with Abby. Even though Abby is four year older Molly is still convinced if Abby can do it, then so can she.  Zach on the other hand really isn't all the competitive. He just likes to be included in everything, but could care less if he does it better or not!

I find myself clinging tightly to every cuddle, every time I carry him, every hug. I know how fast these years go by, it seems it was just yesterday that Abby was turning four! Everything changes in the blink of an eye. I was just wondering the other day, when was the very last time I picked Abby up and carried her? Funny how that moment just happens and one day you no longer pick them up, they are just too big. You don't typically notice when that "last time" happens. It just does. I am not ready for that. Not with my baby boy. 

Happy birthday Zach-a-roni, Zach Attack, Zach man, "mama's boy".
 "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be." -Robert Munsch

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