Monday, June 27, 2011

Mother's Intuition?

Is it mother's intuition or just coincidence?  

This morning I took Molly and Zach and dropped them off at their daycare.  I have had them the past 7 days and this afternoon their Dad will pick them up and he will have them the next 7 days.  We just started this new, simplified schedule last week, for the past year we have shared custody but the most I'd go without seeing the kids is 3 days, now it will be seven.  I have gone seven days without seeing them before, just not that often.  We decided to give this schedule a try for many reasons, less transition days, more consistency, etc.  I do think it will be a good thing.  

However, this morning after I got back in my car from dropping my babies off, I cried. The ugly, sobbing kind of crying.  We had a an amazing week together and I just wanted to hold my babies.  I found my reaction a bit out of the ordinary.  I always miss them, but rarely do I cry like that anymore.  I came home and cried on Julio's shoulder for a bit, fixed my makeup and went about my day.  The entire time with this nagging feeling that I just couldn't pin point.

Then it came.  About 12:00 daycare called and said Molly just didn't seem to be feeling good.  They took her temperature and it was 100 degrees, not enough for her to go home, but they wanted to let me know.  I decided to go get her.  She has a stomach bug.  She is now sound asleep in her bed and I know what was bothering me.  I think, somehow, perhaps subconsciously I realized something wasn't quite right.

The reason I think perhaps it is a mother's intuition is because the same thing used to happen when Abby was little.  Her Dad and I were still married, so I didn't have the anxiety of being separated for any length of time.  However, there were some days when I'd drop her off and then I'd be sad and just wasn't able to stop thinking about her all day.  Inevitably it was on these days that her school would call because she was under the weather.  Every single time.  She, like Molly today, would have been showing no outward signs or symptoms of being sick, yet obviously something was brewing just under the surface.

So, you decide, mother's intuition, coincidence or maybe a little of both?