Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break???

Spring Break?? Huh. I'm not really sure about the "break" part, as I definitely worked harder last week, during my vacation, than I do when I'm working!  But what a great week!  I have reflected all day today about what an amazing week I had with my kids.  I spent a lot of time trying to plan in advance some activity to do each day with the kids. So here is how our week played out once I picked them up from their Dad's Monday at 1:00:

First up, the Aquarium:
The kids just loved the sharks. I think they were the favorite, of course Molly and Zach LOVE the movie, "Jaws", so no real surprise there!  The albino alligator was a pretty big hit too, as well as the touch tank.

Then we went for some ice cream. Zach and Bethanie chose Bubble Gum Ice Cream, with real bits of bubble gum. Ick. But, I believe it was, at one time, my favorite, too.  What a perfect end to our first day of vacation!

Next up, Papa's visit:
My Dad came down to hang out and see us. It was a big treat since we hadn't seen him since Molly's birthday in January. We took the kids to McDonald's for a quick lunch and play time (and of course, more ice cream).

On Thursday we decided to take it a little easier and we stayed home. But, we played in the yard in a little kiddie pool and yard toys. The kids stayed in the yard almost all day!  Then the girls and I indulged in a little pampering with some manicures and pedicures.

Friday was our trip to Magnolia Plantation.  We were a little worried because as soon as we got out of the van it thundered so loudly that we jumped back in the van! We decided to go get some lunch at Moe's and wait for the storm to pass.  By the time we got back out to the plantation the rain had stopped, momentarily.  We were able to enjoy the petting zoo between showers.  The kids were even able to hold a little bunny rabbit, a big hit!   The petting zoo at Magnolia has deer, chickens, rabbits, peacocks, snakes, owls, ducks, you name it!  Then we loaded on the "train" and took our tour of the magnificent plantation.  The kids were thrilled we were able to secure front seats, until it started raining! We got soaked! But we just laughed in the rain and relished in it.  We stopped at the house on the plantation to visit with Nana (she is a guide in the house) and one more trip to the petting zoo before leaving.  It was so much fun!
Saturday was probably everyone's favorite.  We first made a quick trip to Walmart and then the farmer's market. Then it was home to dye eggs and make a carrot cake before lying down for a bit of quiet time. Finally we loaded up and all of us went to see "Rio". It was the cutest movie, but my favorite part was when Zach fell asleep in my arms. For dinner we went to CiCi's Pizza. Now, obviously, it is not my favorite place to go eat, however, it is very cheap (right at $30) for a family of 6 and the kids love that they are able to go up to the bar and get their own food and drink. We always sit close enough that they are able to feel a bit of independence and it is good for them.
Sunday we awoke to a yard full of Easter Eggs. We gave Molly and Zach a bit of a head start before we let Bethanie and Abby out to scoop up and find all the treasures.  They came back in the house to find their Easter Baskets.  The biggest hit had to be the light up cups they all received.  Nana and Uncle Will joined us for a wonderful lunch of ham, mac and cheese, green beans (fresh from the farmer's market), fruit salad, jello and rolls.  We then enjoyed our yummy carrot cake that we made the day before.
Abby did corner me and ask about the Easter Bunny.  Seems my little girl has discovered that their really isn't an Easter Bunny.  We had a nice little chat about it and I believe she was ready to hear the truth as she had already figured it out.  She is quite excited that next year she gets to help hide the eggs!  Of course it was only a matter of time before she began asking about Santa Claus...sighs...I knew it was coming but it is a bit sad, too.

Today I took Molly and Zach to daycare and as I prepared to drop Molly off she hugged me tightly and her eyes filled with tears.   She didn't fuss or make a scene, but I realized she was displaying how I felt inside, so sad to see our week come to an end.  It was an amazing week. I was so fortunate to spend so much time with my kids.  They are all four amazing children and my heart just swells with love as I reflect on all we shared.  The hugs, cuddle times, laughs and stories.  I am so proud to be their Mom and I cherish every moment with them.


Darkwulfe said...

what a great week...even though I unfortunately slept through too much of it, thanks to work...but did such a great job with them...something to be very proud of!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Whew! That made me tired just reading it. But, it does sound like the fun times were worth it! :-)