Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Ending and A New Beginning

Today I finalized my divorce to the man I married 10 years ago.  It was a fairly anti climatic ending to one of the hardest years of my life.  We walked into the court room, answered a few questions and bam with the slam of a gavel I was no longer married.  Ed and I spent the morning waiting for our turn in court talking about the kids, laughing about things Abby had done when she was little, talking about Carolina football and baseball, and just trying to keep our nerves at bay.  To the casual observer we probably looked more like two friends catching up than two people about to finalize their divorce.

I guess that really sums up Ed and me.  We were always good friends.  It was the whole marriage part we weren't so good at, we didn't make each other happy as husband and wife.  It took us a while to finally come to grips with that, but luckily, I believe we did soon enough that we didn't grow to hate each other. We have three beautiful kids together and we share 50/50 custody so we have to get along.  We both decided the kids are the most important and we will do whatever it takes to ensure their happiness and health.  

Ed is a great Dad, he loves his kids and would do anything for them. For this I am eternally grateful.  These babies know they are very loved, secure and safe. That is all I could ever ask for.  They are all thriving, Abby came home with straight A's today for the third quarter in a row, Molly and Zach are learning more every day and having a ball at their church preschool.  I look forward and relish in every moment I spend with them.  For this reason alone I could never regret my marriage to Ed.  It is because of him I have Abby, Molly and Zach.  It is because of him I am a Mom. No matter how painful this past year has been, no matter how many tears I shed, how many sleepless nights I suffered, I would not change a thing, it was all worth it for these three children.


Opinionated Gifts said...

Beautiful. I wish you many years of that peace you have and the promise that your present holds.

Mandy said...

Thanks, John. It means so much from you.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm glad it went off so amicably. I'm proud of you both. :-)

John said...

I can't imagine everything that must have gone into this decision. It's the right decision, for yourself, for the ex, and for the kids....but a very difficult decision to get to.

May the days become easier, and the years ahead filled with happiness. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Mandy said...

ETW-thank you. so glad to have it "official".

John-Thanks for the kind words. It was not easy, but was most certainly the right decision. No question.

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