Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Little Engineer

Molly and Abby had their four year old and eight year old check ups today. Julio's Mom, Cookie, and I took the girls in together. Everything went well, from Molly reading the eye chart for the first time, to her first hearing test to her first "pee in the cup" test. I was super proud of her. The girls are very healthy, but were due for their annual finger sticks and shots.  Abby had to get 2 shots, a Hepatitis A and the first dose of a flu shot.  Molly, on the other had had to get 4. *Sigh*

Now, Molly was ready, or as ready as she could be, as I am a big fan of preparing a kid.  Last night I told her she would likely have to get a few shots, but that we would, of course, go for milk shakes afterwards.  Now she wasn't too happy about it, but she did not pout too badly and pretty much just laughed and played with her sister throughout the appointment. That is until our doctor left the room to go get the nurses and the shots.  

Molly kept playing, but suddenly, Cookie and I noticed she had placed the chair behind the door, had slid a trash can behind the door, and was looking at the table to see if she could move it behind the door. She was barricading the nurses out so they couldn't come in and give her the shots! We all laughed so hard. This is a very clever four year old who has obviously watched one too many "Tom and Jerry" episodes. When I told her to put everything back, she looked for other options and promptly took a clip board and propped it against the door along with the rolling chair.  OK, so that probably wasn't going to do the trick, but it made her feel better, at least until the door opened.

For the record Abby didn't shed a tear and Molly didn't when they pricked her finger, however the four shots in her two legs upset her quite severely.  I just melt when I see those big tears falling from those big blue eyes.  She really tried to not cry, but it was just a little too much to bear.  I haven't had the heart to tell her we have to go back in a month for her and Abby to get a second dose of the flu vaccine. I won't, either, until the night before, most likely.

Anyway, I just had to share what my future engineer was up to today in the doctor's office.  Quite clever trying to barricade the nurses out.  I don't think she had gotten far enough in the plan to discover we had to leave, eventually! I guess maybe the plan needed a little work! 

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