Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What a Way to Wake Up!

As if she knew I blogged about her yesterday and wanted to prove a point, Molly began our day very early today. Like before 6 am early. I awoke to screams and fighting from the girls' room. I quickly ran across the house and into their room to discover the girls in the throes of a shouting match. 

Seems, for whatever reason, Molly woke up and decided to pour a bottle of water all over Abby. Of course Abby was awakened from a deep sleep and quite upset about it. To get back at Molly, Abby took Molly's blanket and threw it in Zach's crib. Ok, so now we have Zach involved and awake. A perfect trifecta at shortly before 6am. Seriously? No, I must be dreaming, please God, let me be dreaming. Let me still be tucked cozy in my warm, comfy bed.

Nope. This was no dream. I did my best to sort it all out, dry Abby off and get them resting a bit before Abby needed to dress for school.

Fast forward an hour or so.  Abby is successfully on her school bus and Molly is, I thought, quietly watching TV. Wrong again. I find Molly in her room, she had pulled Abby's mattress off her bed (this child is insanely strong, just a perfect accompaniment to her strong personality), and had a vast majority of Abby's pajamas strewn all about their room as she proceeded to try on each and every one of them. I could NOT believe my eyes. I seriously just wanted to turn around and pretend I had not seen any of it. 

The best part? Molly actually thought she was being a "good girl" because she hadn't been under my feet as I was waking up and getting ready for work. She was actually quite proud of herself!  I am telling ya'll this child is something else.

Now by the time we all got back home this evening we were all worn out. Molly spent the bath with her head in Abby's lap while Abby stroked her hair. Those two are as close as I have ever seen two sisters. Even after a cold, wet, morning wake up call. That is what it's all about.  That is what makes it all worthwhile. That is a love like no other.

 It is now 7:30 and the kids have all been asleep about 20 minutes. They are all fighting colds and struggled through a very long day. I have a feeling we will NOT be waking up quite as early in the morning.  At least I sincerely hope we won't!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I dread mornings like that! Glad you made it thru relatively unscathed.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, sisters are a trip!I remember being like that to mine, lol.