Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

This weekend the kids spent the day at the beach with their Dad, his girlfriend, their Aunt, their cousin and their great grandmother. I am sure they had a blast. I certainly think they looked the part prior to leaving the house:
I was not a little too excited about my first 24 hours to myself. Oh no not me! I also most certainly did not find myself thinking I needed to go check on the kids because they were so I knew they had left. I knew they weren't home.   I also did NOT find myself missing them just a couple of hours later. Oh NO! Not ME!  I do have to say it was a nice little break.  A much needed bit of "mental health time".

I did not spend the entire weekend catching up on DVR'd shows, oh no, NOT me!  That would be an awfully lazy thing to do, now wouldn't it?

When my babies arrived home, sunburned and exhausted on Sunday I could not have been more happy. I did NOT cry as Abby read me her Mother's Day book, oh no NOT ME!  It was an amazingly sweet book in which Abby told me she loves to shop with me, she thinks I'm as pretty as a daisy, that she loves when I tickle her, that my favorite thing to do is to text (um, hmm...might have to work on that one) and that she hopes I get a "break" for Mother's Day...cue the guilt. Wow. That one stung a little.  But I received so many nice hugs and kisses from them when we got home that my day was complete.

Little Zach was pretty worn out from his great beach adventure. Just a few minutes after sitting down with him this is how he ended up:
Not a bad way to end the weekend. Not too bad at all.

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Iris Silk said...

"Beautiful,beautiful boy" Thanks, John Lennon!

Jetsa said...

Little Brats! Can't live without them, huh? It happens to me all the time. I am so relieved when JP and Alex go away to have some father-son quality time and 5 minutes later I find myself going crazy missing him. And I figured I can post from the computer, yaaayyy! The phone is the issue.