Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Five Fantasy Husbands to Be

Ok so Mrs. D posted her Second Husband to Be List and Kimmehkins posted Her Five Fantasy Husbands. Now it's my turn.

Let's see...first, there is my long time crush and favorite fantasy, Toby Keith. Say what you want about his politics, don't like his singing? Well, I really don't care. I am not talking about that. In fact, all he needs to do is sing Crash Here Tonight and nothing else would be needed. I am not interested in discussing politics with him! I have much, much more fun things in mind than that! He has the kind of physique I find very attractive. I don't want a skinny man. I like 'em tall, hunky and manly. There is just something commanding about Mr. Keith. He commands respect, oozes sexiness and can play guitar and serenade me...*swoon*...what more does a girl need? Oh, and Kimmehkins? Check out THOSE hands, girlie!!

Next on the list is Shemar Moore. He is one of the main reasons I watch Criminal Minds. Oh my. This guy is some kind of smoking hot. I don't even know what all to say...those dark, "need you NOW" eyes (oh yes, I have a thing for dark eyes, *wink, wink, Julio*).  Now, let's just enjoy that sculpted chest area, *sighs*... On the show, which, yes, I know is just television, he plays a very kind hearted, passionate, deeply caring man. This does not hurt his sex appeal in my eyes. Any man that is not afraid to show how much he cares, lets his woman constantly know how he feels about her by the way he looks at her, can be funny, and intelligent definitely makes the uber sexiness list.

Now there is David Boreanaz. What was I saying about those dark, "meet me in the bedroom now" eyes? Just look deeply into those dark brown beauties...ahh....oh my, oh my, oh my! Not to mention, how I would love to join him in that bath!  I also love how his character on "Bones" wears a "Cocky" belt buckle, it takes some kinda balls to wear a buckle like that! I find such self confidence to be a huge turn on.  A man that is confident in who he is, that isn't afraid to stand up for himself and his beliefs is extremely sexy.

Then there's Balthazar Getty. I can't remember seeing him in anything prior to "Brothers and Sisters" but I have thoroughly enjoyed him in this show. Now Balthazar baby has something else I am noticing as a trend, a bit of facial hair. This is another new thing I am learning I have a bit of an attraction too *ahem, Julio, again*...there is just something about a goatee that exudes manliness. Now, it doesn't look great on everyone, but I do like it!

Last, but certainly not least (especially as these are in no particular order) there is Eric "McSteamy" Dane.  Oh honey, Dr. Mark Sloan, baby, you can play doctor with me any 'ol time you want. Goodness, I get chills just thinking about it...but I digress...did you see the shower scene, er, scenes from Greys Anatomy? Hello?? I mean, DAMN...ok, I think you get my drift here. But, again, he is tall, has those amazing broad shoulders, smoldering eyes, with a stare that would make a girl want to...well, my Mom reads this blog, so I will just stop there, but you know what I mean! Yes, I am aware he has had his share of controversy, *ahem, sex tape anyone?* but, hell, if you were sleeping with this guy, wouldn't YOU want to have it recorded for "posterity"??

So there you have it. The only man I left off is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. But, Kimmehkins had him on her list, too, as well as David Boreanaz and I wanted to be a bit more original than copying TWO of hers, so I left him off, but, I do find him amazingly hot, sexy, dreamy, etc. This list is subject to change and will be updated from time to time. I will let you know as I find new additions to share!!


Sherry at EX Marks the Spot said...

What an interesting array of would-be/should-be husbands!

On the other hand, I've always heard there are 12 types of men to avoid: the ones born in January, ones born in February, in March, in April - - - you get the picture, don't you? :)

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Sherry's comment....

That is a great list of guys! I've never heard of Shemar but I'm glad you pointed him out ;-)

Kim said...

Great list!

Shemar is HAWT.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Good list. I think mine would be shocking - I like guys with unusual features.

Iris Silk said...

Your Mom reads this blog? Excuse me, Dear. Do you remember Wayne? And Eric was a bit hot also as I remember. I can't imagine why you think I don't know "hot". Toby Keith does it for me also. I may be old but I ain't forgetful...yet. Mom

Mandy said...

Sherry-that's just depressing! LOL!

Mrs. D-you must watch criminal minds to get the full "shemar" picture

Kim-I know, right??

ETW-I'd love to see your list!

Mom-I know you know hot, I meant I wasn't going to go into great detail as to what Eric Dane makes a girl want to do...figured I'd spare you those little details...lol

Jay said...

Shemar Moore is a pretty cool dude. I would consider putting him on my list. LOL

Actually my list will be posted tomorrow morning. ;-)