Monday, April 26, 2010

What a Weekend!

We had a great weekend. Julio arrived (after a bit of car trouble) on Friday about midday and it was non stop fun from then out.  We took the kids to Magnolia Plantation with my Mom and brother and rode the train that takes you all around the plantation. This was especially appropriate on Saturday as it was the one year anniversary of my Dad's death and he used to drive the train/conduct the tours before he became ill.
Then we took the kids to the petting zoo located on the grounds of Magnolia Plantation. They had a great time looking at the peacocks, deer, bunnies, snakes, bobcats, roosters, owls, etc...
By this time the kids were pretty worn out, of course so were the big kids, so Molly decided to show us the way to the car:
On Sunday we had a birthday party for Bethanie and the kids played dress up!
I think Bethanie was pretty happy with her birthday party and could not wait to show her Dad how appreciative she was:
What a great weekend family filled weekend we enjoyed. The girls played so well together. It is amazing how quiet my house feels right now.  Unfortunately due to some horrible car trouble as I write this Bethanie and Julio have yet to make it home, they left here at 8:00 this morning. It has been a very trying day for us, but it does NOT take away from the amazing time we all had together.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun-filled weekend, car trouble and all. Glad you enjoyed it :-) (Love the yellow walls, btw!)

Darkwulfe said...

I had an amazing weekend. The trip may have been long and the car trouble no fun but this weekend was all about the memories...and there were many many made. Bethanie has done nothing but talk about you and the girls and has informed me we are going back (which of course I had already planned)! I thoroughly enjoyed the time with Will and your mom as well. And the time with you was magical and I look forward to many more memories.

Matt-Man said...

Awwwwww. That last picture is particularly sweet. I like that. Cheers Mandy!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

You are both SO lucky! I'm glad you had such a fantastic weekend...Blended families can be a little dicey, but you guys look like you're way ahead of the game with family togetherness! Yahoo!