Friday, April 23, 2010

A Letter to my Younger Self

So I was made to write, given the privilege of writing a letter to my younger self via Musings of a Madman. He created a blog post in which he wrote a letter to his younger self and then asked 3 bloggers to do the same. So here is mine and then I will pass it on as well...

Dear Young, Naive, Innocent Mandy, (hey, why are YOU laughing?)

This is your 36 year old self talking so listen up and pay attention. I have some very important advice for you. We have been through a lot. Most things have turned out pretty well, I must say, but sweetie, you've made some real mistakes and missed out on some great opportunities along the way.

First off let's start when you are 16, Mom and Eric had agreed to pay for you to go to France with your French Club. You must go! You must not back out. I know you will be a bit frightened, but, baby, trust me, do not pass up this amazing opportunity. Do NOT back out at the last minute. If you do you will regret it for a very long time (oh and you will hear about it from Mom and Eric for a VERY long time!) You may never get the opportunity to see Paris again so take advantage of it and broaden your horizons.

Now let's fast forward to when you are 18. You will attend Georgia State University on a softball scholarship, and will be accepted into the Physical Therapy program.  Do NOT change your mind and withdraw only to transfer to South Carolina. This is a mistake of monumental proportions. You will question this decision for the rest of your life. I know it will be tough and you will go through some culture shock, but it will be an amazing experience you will remember the rest of your life. You are a strong young lady and will only become stronger by pushing your comfort zone and making it through to get your degree.

Now, I think we should visit your early 20's. You will meet some amazing people. You will have some amazing relationships and most of all you will have a LOT of fun. Take advantage of this time. Explore who you are and don't let preconceived notions hold you back. Don't be in such a hurry to settle down and get married, it will happen, you have plenty of time for that and you will be a happier woman if you just relax a little and go with the flow.  Biggest thing I can tell you about your 20's, when you discover your boyfriend is cheating on you and his Mother even takes the time to tell you that you are worth better, believe her, leave this real winner behind. There are others on the horizon that will allow you some truly unforgettable moments. Relax a little, enjoy yourself and have fun, you can't get this time back and if you don't you will regret it, I promise you.

I think that about sums it up, younger Mandy. Go out, have fun and learn from your mistakes. You have a bright future ahead of you filled with lots of love and everything your heart ever desired, so slow down and enjoy your moments.

Your older, wiser, self,
Mandy the lucky recipients I am passing this on to are as follows::

My beloved baby brother, Will
My Twitter bud and fellow blogger, Jayman
My sweet Twitter gal and fellow blogger, Mrs. D

I can't wait to read what ya'll would advise your younger selves, should you choose to participate, and I hope you will, but no hard feelings if you don't, I'll still love ya anyway! ;)


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Very cool!!

Darkwulfe said...

Very good post. Is funny when you look back and you see the things you wish you could do different. But it is a paradox...things that are so precious to you that would NEVER had happened if you had not made certain "mistakes" that on retrospect are worth the pain and heartache because the long term benefits out way the temporary, sometimes even the long term, consequences.