Thursday, April 1, 2010

Seven Truths About Me

Today I was greeted by a really sweet surprise, Evil Twin's Wife gave me a sweet new award for my blog. Only catch is apparently I have to list 7 Truths about me and then I get to give the award to seven of my favorite bloggers. Since I love getting awards and I've never given one I think this will be fun...the only catch is the seven truths I have to list..this is a little tougher than you might think! 

Let's face it, I am pretty honest here on this blog so what could I list that you don't know? Well, truthfully a lot. I guess the better question is what do I want to tell you? Hmm...

1.  The time of day from 5:00pm-7:00pm is my least favorite. With 3 kids aged 7, 3, and 22 months it is the craziest time. They are all tired, hungry and ready for baths. Now that I am doing it alone it is even more "fun". But, we will get through it as it is all part of the process. I also know there will come a time when I will miss this "crazy" time of day, at least somewhat.

2.  I have a bit of a short temper, at times. Ok, look no further than my red hair and that should explain it all. Yes, I suppose that is a stereotype I truly live up to. However, along with that I am also quite passionate which I think makes up for my short temper! (Care to disagree??)

3.  I love to have a clean house and when I get on a roll, I cannot be stopped, however, I am really unorganized. Do not open my drawers or look under my beds. I blame it on a too small house with not enough closet space. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

4.  I don't cook from scratch that often. However, I find when I take the time to plan out meals and actually cook I am not half bad and I rather enjoy the looks on people's faces as they eat my cooking and like it! (Yes, they really seem to like it and they do come back for more!)

5.  I am very non-confrontational. I will internalize the hell out of something before I ever confront someone. I am a huge traveler down the path of least resistance. I am working on this as I know how detrimental it can be to a relationship and how unfair it really is to me and the person I am hiding things from.

6.  Shopping is my most favorite thing to do...well, almost! I love to shop, it is my weakness. I could seriously shop each and every day of the year and never tire of it. I love buying things for my kids and my loved ones...and of course myself, too! I really don't know what it is, it relaxes me and makes me very happy. 

7.  I need my quiet time. I don't need a lot, just a little wind down, time to myself time. A nice, hot, bubble bath will usually do the trick. I just ask for a little uninterrupted time. Is that really so much to ask? I think we all need that, don't you?

Ok, those are my seven truths. Maybe not so revealing, but they are my truths.  Now for the fun part! I get to pick seven of MY favorite blogs to give this award hear goes:

I have quite a few other favorites but they have already received this award! Really? Any blog that I have listed on my blog roll is worth your time. They are all great for different reasons.

Ok, you seven! That award is yours, you only have to list 7 truths and pick 7 of YOUR favorite blogs! Now hop to it!! (yes, that was totally an Easter Bunny, 'hop to it' joke...a little one, anyway.)  And? If you don't want to do it, the award is still yours because you all rock in my book!


Darkwulfe said...

OH MY GOD!!! REALLY???? ME??????

Well *grips the award tightly* I would like to thank my family for goading me mercilessly so I would be forced to make a blog so I can express myself.

I would like to thank @OpinionatedGift and @2MuchPerfection for encouraging me to blog more and for dragging me into Twitter.

I would like to thank Twitter for leading me to meet MandyVaughn without whom I would NEVER had recieved this reward.

And I would like to thank ALL (15) of my fans (followers) for putting up with my random cynicism.

*blows kisses* THANK YOU ALL OF YOU! For making this reward possible!

( to find 7 things that dont involve you have any idea how hard it is for a guy to talk about SEVEN different things that do NOT include sex at some point? lol)

Great post mandy and a devilishly great idea. Grats on your reward!

Anonymous said...

The 5-7 hours are busy for a parent, aren't they? It seems like there's so much to do all at once!

Jay said...

Thanks for the award babe. I'll have to think and try to come up with seven even semi-interesting things about me. LOL ;-)

Angie Mizzell said...

I can relate to #3 and #7! Many thanks for the award. I think you rock, too.!