Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Scent of a Man (or a Woman)

I came across this column, When men cross the cologne line, by a columnist for our local newspaper, Ken Burger. Ken writes the most hilarious, amusing columns. He used to be a sports columnist but is now doing more human interest and they are always quite entertaining.

This one column in particular I can relate to. I love a man that smells good.  Mmmm, there is nothing like a little bit of cologne or aftershave to just add to a man's sexiness. That is IF it is the right scent. Ok, men, here's the thing you MUST understand: just because it smells good in the bottle or on one of your buddies, does NOT mean it will smell good on you. You see, we all have different body chemistry and colognes, body washes, lotions, etc smell different on different people.  Try it out first, a little bit on your arm, see if it smells the same, get the perfume counter ladies opinion. Better yet? Take your wife, girlfriend, sister, friend you trust WITH you. Trust me they won't steer you wrong.

Also. It is very important to understand less is more. As Ken so eloquently put it in his column, we do not want to be "mugged by musk or brutalized by Brut". It is far better to just notice someone smells nice than to wear their scent all day as your own simply because you were in the same room.

Another important note. If you use scented body washes or lotions, this will mix with whatever cologne or aftershave you choose. So be very careful here, you don't want to use overpowered soaps and then add overpowered colognes, way to much, guys!

Perfumes are the same way, ladies. I have the hardest time finding something I like. I discovered about a year or so ago that I really like Ralph Lauren Romance for women. I used to use their body wash religiously. I ran out about 5 months ago and tried using some Bath and Body Works products. While they are ok, I have decided to reinvest in my Ralph Lauren. It just suits me. I have decided to splurge a bit on the perfume too, because here's the thing, they work well together (imagine that)!

My Mom has pretty much worn Estee by Estee Lauder my entire life and I love it. I can smell that perfume in a store or on someone and instantly think of my Mom. I can remember as a little girl, while she was away on a business trip, smelling her coat and being comforted by her perfume.  I want to have a "signature scent" like that and I believe I have found it in Ralph Lauren Romance.

So basically, scents are important. Let's review:

1. Men, get a female in your life to help you out.
2. Don't over do it.
3. Be careful of "mixing" scents.
4. Women, same thing...see all 3 above.
5. But do wear something! It is very sexy! IF it's the right scent.


Oh, and you may wonder what does the man in the shower picture have to do with this? Well, duh! He is clearly washing in some sort of wonderful body wash. What? You only see water? Well, he clearly has washed it off! Duh! Heehee...


Anonymous said...

I think that Old Spice and Brut should be taken off the market. It amazes me that people buy it, lol.

Estee Lauder's Cinnabar is my mom's signature perfume. It always reminds me of her.

Iris Silk said...

While Old Spice may not work for some men, a former love of mine wore it well (pre-Eric). Just a touch, of course, and it was great on him. Very masculine. Suited his chemistry.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I wear Coco Chanel. Every day. The Evil Twin used to wear some sort of Clinique for men, but he smells good just by himself, really.

Robert said...

BLV is my all time favorite. So many women love it they consider wearing it!

Anonymous said...

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