Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Rant

I was listening to my favorite radio program this morning and they were talking about terror threats. The host was trying to make a point about being prepared and perhaps circumventing an attack "before" it happens. Government officials have been quick to tell Americans to "keep their eyes open" and "report suspicious activity", that it is our responsibility to do so. He was making the point that as Americans we should "act" instead of "react".

Apparently someone in the Charleston area, home to the 5th largest port on the eastern seaboard, the Naval Weapons Station and an Air Force Base, has gone around town and photographed perceived vulnerabilities. They then put these photos in a notebook and gave them to said radio host. The things they discussed are jaw dropping. A caller also mentioned that apparently there is a terrorist boot camp in York County, SC. The caller said when she spoke to someone in our government about this, they replied it was not under their umbrella to investigate such things it would fall on SLED (our State Law Enforcement Division). Huh? So we have valid evidence of a terrorist boot camp right here in South Carolina and we are going to pass the buck? Shouldn't this be one of those things that we hear about AFTER they run them out or town or country? Why isn't this headline news? This is the type of thing I find quite frightening, it brings it home. It's no longer in another country, it is less than 3 hours from my house. In my state.

The other weaknesses they pointed out are enough to really frighten you. Of course, there were also several callers that were upset that this was being discussed on air. They said the host was putting too much information out there and making it too easy for terrorists. That he was "giving them ideas". I am so sorry there are such naive people in this world. As if these folks need a local radio host to give them ideas and suggestions on how to terrorize or attack our nation. This is what really surprised me and I guess the whole reason for this post.

There seemed to be more people upset that the radio host was discussing this than there were people who were upset nothing was being done about these issues. Why aren't people stark raving mad that there is a camp in our state training said terrorists? Why aren't people DEMANDING something be done to address these vulnerabilities? Why aren't we DOING something instead of complaining about a brave talk host starting the conversation?


Will Shealy said...

I'm fairly certain that if this York County camp is legit, then something is definitely being done about it.
That being said - it's nice to see you rant! Angry Mandy is fun!

Will Shealy said...

Although I'm sure there are some good ol' boys with shotguns and pitchforks out there tonight!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Hopefully by getting the conversation "out there", there will be enough outraged citizens to demand an investigation immediately.

Darkwulfe said...

yes People of (your county) SC...Bin Laden is tuning in from Iraq/Pakistan/Afghanistan/Ragheadville and listening to your local radio personality to get ideas...doh! Great post!