Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Zach's First Haircut

I finally did it. After much trepidation we took Zach for his first haircut today. I did not realize what an event it was going to be. There is an old barber shop in town, Simmons Barber Shop. It's been around so long that my husband used to get his haircut there when he was a kid, by the same man that cut Zach's, Romie Simmons. Romie has known Ed's family for a very long time. He even attended our wedding. So when we had a son we knew there was no question where we would take him for his first haircut.

Romie even cut my Dad's hair. All this added up to a bit of an emotional event for me. Zach had the cutest little curls where his hair had grown the longest. Abby used to have those curls, too, before she lost her hair. Guess perhaps this also added to my emotional state a bit today, too. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a full on sob fest or anything, just a few tears that no one, other than my husband, even noticed.

Zach is my baby, my third and FINAL child. Also my only boy. There will be no more babies in our house. No more first curls, first haircuts, etc. He is growing up, a fact that, overall I am very excited about.  

Today was quite an event. Romie has his own room in the back of the barber shop. So we waited for our turn and then the whole family migrated back there for the main event. Zach was a little timid about getting in the big chair, but he did ok, until Romie put the sheet/cape thing around his neck. Zach did not like this part at all! We tried to distract him with Thomas the Tank Engine and Romie had even put Dora on his old television. Romie pulled out an envelope and collected quite a bit of the first cuts and curls of hair. He commented several times how well behaved Zach was and he really took his time with the cut. I bet it took him all of 20 minutes or so to complete the job.

Afterwards, I just couldn't get over my little boy. I think he cut it a "little" too short, but that's ok, it will grow. Which made me realize I have now started the "having to get regular haircuts" merry go round. I don't have to do this with anyone else in the family: Abby wears a wig, I trim Molly's hair, I cut Ed's hair and I probably get mine cut about 3-4 times a year, since I keep it fairly long. But Zach, well he will have to keep it trimmed. Oh boy. 

Romie gave us a signed envelope with the date on it for Zach's curls, a free haircut and a certificate which says: 

First Haircut Certificate

This is to certify that...Zach
has bravely met all of the requirements of receiving their first haircut and has graduated from babyhood on the 22nd day of December in the year 2009

Ceremonies took place at: Simmons Barber Shop

Authorized Signature: Romie Simmons

It was really all quite exciting. I still can't get used to looking at Zach with his shorter, more grown up haircut. I am so glad we were able to take him somewhere as special as Romie's. He really made it a memorable occasion.


Doc said...

He does look good and quite a bit more manly now that it has been cut!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It's a nice cut. It is hard seeing them get that first cut, though!