Friday, December 18, 2009

Odds and Ends

This is just a hodge podge posting of my day. Call it lack of creativity on the Friday night before Christmas after a really insane day! I apologize in advance for it's ho huminess...

What a day. It rained non stop. I think I am drenched to the core and I shall never dry out. I billed a whopping $70 in sales, hardly made any of it worthwhile. Every where I went was either closed, closing early or the person I needed to see had already gone home. I won't even discuss the traffic issues: wrecks, closed streets, etc.

We are going out of town tomorrow. My Aunt is having a large part of the family over to her house for a Pancake Supper. I am really excited to see everyone. I cannot even imagine how many of my cousins I will get to see and it's been a very long time. I don't think I've spent much time in Columbia since Zach was born (18 months ago). As a matter of fact it will be the first time I've seen my sister in law's new house since she moved in almost 2 years ago. We will spend the day with my Dad and Stepmom, load up and go to my Aunt's for dinner in West Columbia and then to Chapin to stay with my Sister in law.

I gave my husband a haircut tonight, as I usually do every few weeks. I started thinking about Zach's hair. He hasn't had a haircut, yet. It is hard for me to bring myself to taking him for a trim. There's just something about cutting a baby boy's hair. I think it's because I know he will look more like a little boy once it's cut and not so much like my baby. He's also getting this really cute flip up look that I refer to as his "curls", I know once it's cut that will be gone forever. Don't you think I have awhile before it needs an "official cut"?

I am hoping to be able to take the kids to the Summerville Christmas Parade on Sunday. I say 'hoping' because it is supposed to be quite cold and I don't want to risk them getting sick. Also, my husband is working and unless I can find a "stand in husband" I doubt I will brave the parade with three kids by myself. Any volunteers?? It really is a great parade...I'll buy drinks! :)

Have a great weekend!


angie said...

I say wait to cut! And I'll be standing on the sidelines of the S'ville parade with you... in spirit... drinking imaginary spirits.

Doc said...


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I was ok with cutting Buddy's hair at about 18 months. It was getting Sissy's cut that about made me cry. But, it was starting to look like a toddler mullet and I just can't have that!