Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff-In the New Year-Or I'm Really Going to Try

With all this talk about New Year's Resolutions I decided to think of a few myself. Only I REFUSE to call them "Resolutions". These just get broken. I instead will just say I am going to try and improve on a few of the things with which I struggle. How's that? I know same difference. Semantics.

Anyway, I have decided in 2010 I will have more fun and not be so uptight. Ha. Well, I'm going to try, anyway. I have always been quite a worrier. Always. What if "this" happens, but, wait, what if "that" happens. I am going to do my very best to relax a bit. I learned this year how in just the blink of an eye it can all be over. Life is short. We should all live. There are some things that are just not worth obsessing over. Now don't get me wrong, I am not going to start living recklessly, just going to try and not "sweat the small stuff" quite so much.  Perhaps even learn to laugh at myself a bit more.

I also tend to be a little "snippy" or short fused at times. I know, shocking, right? I have, what they call, a red headed temper. Just ask my husband. Or my brother. Or any of my really close friends that get to see the "real" me. I am going to work on this. I think it probably goes hand in hand with trying to not "sweat the small stuff".  I know this will make for a happier Mandy, a happier Mommy, a happier Friend and a happier Wife. Therefore perhaps also making those around me a little happier. Why do my customers and strangers get the best "me"? I am always happy, outgoing, friendly and full of smiles for these folks, why not, then, my loved ones? I think I need to copy that last line and place it strategically for me to see throughout my day!

Those are my two "non resolutions". I am going to rely on all of my friends out there to remind me and hold me to all this...I'm sure you will all enjoy doing that!


Will Shealy said...

Maybe we can keep each other in check!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Good resolut - er - improvement ideas!