Wednesday, December 30, 2009

About Those "Improvements"

What a day. Yesterday I made all these lofty aspirations to make some "improvements" in the new year and quit "sweating the small stuff". Well little did I know what challenges awaited me today. I truly didn't expect to be tested so quickly. Luckily it's not January 1, yet.

I started the day late, just couldn't manage to pry myself away from my cuddly little almost three year old, or get out of my warm bed. Getting up is especially hard considering the rest of the house was still asleep! I am just not a morning person. Never have been. I love to stay up late. I never used to be this way, but the older I've gotten the more I find I enjoy staying up.


So late start. THEN, my handheld computer that I use for work apparently failed to upload last night. All my work from yesterday was still sitting there. I decided to make a quick call to tech support. By quick call I mean really quick. I was on the phone all of about 30 seconds. They told me not to worry about it, just try again tonight. Huh. FYI, tried again tonight, nothing. They are going to love this tomorrow since it's the last day of the month. Not sweating it. Really I am not.

Then, I got very confused. I noticed my checking account balance wasn't quite what it should be, seems I was missing a whole paycheck. I panicked. Called my boss, forgot she's on vacation. Called her boss-vacation. Called our office manager-guess what? Vacation. Called our support in Indianapolis who gave me another number who gave me another number. Finally got a person. Duh. I get paid on the 31st. Silly, me...ok, I have a good excuse. I've only worked for this company a few months. I thought it was the 15th and 30th and it is, except if there's a 31st of the month. Crazy.

While I was on the phone with payroll they decided to verify a bit of my personal information for year end purposes. Checked number of dependents, spelling, etc, then she says, Single, right? Uh, no, not so much...been married almost 9 years. She tells me to go online and fix it, that it would only take a second. Only, you have to log in from a company owned computer. Problem, I'm a sales rep remember? She says she will see what she can do and call me back by Monday. Seriously? Whatever you do that, sweetie.

THEN, my turn signal on the van goes out. I decided I didn't need to drive around like that since I'm going out of town next week. The driver's side sun visor fell down a month or so ago and they had ordered a part for it, anyway, so I figured I would just get it all done. By the way, the van is only a year old...lots of problems for such a new vehicle if you ask me. 

Spending any amount of time in a car dealership costs me money. I am a straight commission sales rep. Time away from customers is time I am not meeting new customers or selling products. Tends to make me a bit irritable, snippy and, what's that other word? Oh, bitchy.

Those are the high points of my day. I did sign a new account, talk to one of my dear friends and am now getting ready to go out, play trivia an drink some wine. I think things are looking up. 


Will Shealy said...

Wine makes everything better. Hey, at least you're getting paid on a set day. Wachovia told me today they wouldn't process my direct deposit until Monday - even though all parties were aware that it's there. From a Wachovia account. Talk about snippy...

Evil Twin's Wife said...

The Evil Twin gets paid the same way - 15th and 30th, unless it's a month with 31 days. I was hoping his would be direct deposited today, since his office is only open half a day tomorrow, but no. Oh, well.

Doc said...

Yikes.... nightmare day! hope today is better.