Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Blackberry, My Office

I was thinking about the new proposed ban in South Carolina on texting and cell phones while driving. I agree they are a huge distraction. I know they cause accidents. But at the same time, what did we ever do without them?

As a salesperson I could not survive without my Blackberry. Well, ok, I could survive, but I just wouldn't be as productive. No question. I am able to call ahead to clients, arrange meetings, follow up on cold calls and at the same time remain "connected" to the world. My phone is my office. Working on the road, out of my van, means I am somewhat disconnected.  I am not in front of a computer, at a desk or by a 'landline'.  I admit it, I am addicted to my Blackberry, and I'm not alone.

Having my phone so handy means I can stay in touch with the world. I do pull over before making phone calls or sending emails, most of the time. I admit I do read short emails and texts while at stop lights or stuck in traffic. I can only take so much of the radio, so it's nice to read twitter updates, or hear from my friends and family in the middle of a long, lonely day.  The type of sales I'm in means I spend a lot of time alone with only my thoughts and my Blackberry to keep me company. I love the peace and quiet, but it can also get quite lonely!  I miss the interaction and comraderie of an office enviroment, but not much else. It's nice to work my own schedule (for the most part) and to be able to be out and about and not confined in an office. Therefore I do use my phone to satisfy my need for social contact.

I must admit I get a little twinge of excitement when I see that little light on my phone flash...I know someone has reached out to me. Ok, so it's usually spam email or just some other junk, but it's my office, my connection to the outside world. The world outside of my little van. I guess if SC bans cell usage while driving I will just have to pull over a lot the side of the interstate will resemble a parking lot from time to time!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I would love your job (I'm all about the quiet), but I would also need a blackberry or something similar to keep in touch.

Salvatiry Carlino said...

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