Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Johnny Depp, Seriously?

So after days and days of build up People magazine announced their sexiest man alive. Johnny Depp. Huh. I have never gotten the attraction. I suppose it's the quiet, mysterious, dangerous thing? I don't know. I also think it's amusing how much attention this gets every single year. OK, so I usually buy the issue. It is fun to look, right? I imagine this is People's answer to the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition. With a lot more clothes.

However I can think of several men I find much sexier. So here is my top 10 sexiest (celebrity) men alive also known as my "free passes". I know several of you married couples know what I'm talking about. But for those that don't: if, given the opportunity, I could spend the night with any of these men, my husband would allow it. I think he's safe. He also has his own list, of course!

10. Will Smith (that sense of humor, oh and the way he loves his wife, wow)
9. Tim McGraw (keep the cowboy hat on, however!)
8. Shemar Moore (have you seen that body??)
7. George Clooney (I know, I know, but he really is sexy, smart and so funny!)
6. Josh Duhamel ('nuff said)
5. Patrick Dempsey (dimples, smoldering eyes)
4. Peyton Manning (again, humor, oh and that butt!)
3. Freddy Prinze, Jr (humor goes a long way!)
2. David Boreanaz (anyone that can wear a 'Cocky' belt buckle and get away with it-yes it's his personal buckle)
1. Toby Keith (just seems so, well, powerful)

These really are in no particular order at all, I mean, hell, let's just say they are all 10's! I also reserve the right to update/change this list at a moment's notice.

You can see why I find each of these men sexy. To me sexy is so much more than the way a man looks. It's the way he carries himself, it's his confidence, his sense of humor, his sense of self, etc.

I still don't really don't see the appeal of Johnny Depp...

What are your sexiest men/women alive? Why? What do you find sexy?


Will Shealy said...

I'll give you Josh D. and David B., but not the rest! Sorry, and I completely disagree with you about Johnny Depp. I mean, come on. But if I had one major one, I think it's Rob Marciano - the CNN weather guy. And maybe Anderson Cooper, but that's a given.

MissAudrey said...

Anderson Cooper rocks because he Gloria Vanderbilt for a mom. Lucky! Yeah, I was surprised to hear it was Johnny Depp. I'm sure it's a recession-pick. Jessy is a big fan, so she'll be happy. You've got some good picks...I'll have to think and get back to you with my picks. I usually find obscure folks attractive.