Friday, September 14, 2012

Abby's First Decade

Today my sweet Abigail Iris is 10 years old. A decade. Wow, where did it go? I remember every moment of the day she came into this world as if it just happened. It was quite an ordeal but it all turned out amazingly.  I still remember my first ultrasound. My Mom went with me because Ed had to work. I told the ultrasound tech I was wearing a pink sweater for a reason. When she confirmed I was, indeed, carrying a girl, I looked at my Mom and the tears just flowed. I had always wanted a little girl. I have always had a great relationship with my Mom and I could not imagine not sharing that with my own daughter.  We finished up and I drove across town to where Ed was working. I barely had the car in park when I jumped out and met him to tell him the news. He and I hugged and we both cried, a healthy baby girl!  Ed and I knew immediately this was our "Abigail". A few years before we were married Ed and I had gone out to get a bite to eat at "Lizard's Thicket" in Irmo, SC. As we were waiting for our table we noticed the prettiest little blond hair, blue eyed little girl playing with her grandparents, she had a backpack with her that said, "Abigail".  Ed and I loved the name, we went home and looked up the meaning and it said, "Father's Joy", we agreed, if we had a daughter, she would be our "Abigail".  We decided shortly thereafter her middle name would be "Iris", after my Mom.  
Abby and I have, thankfully, always been close. I have also enjoyed watching her develop a pretty special relationship with her stepdad.  He is always there to give her the big bear hugs a little girl sometimes needs, as well as the advice and guidance that all kids need.  She is my brave, strong, funny, courageous, smart "Doodlebug".  She has learned more in her short life than some people learn in a lifetime.  Abby's bout with alopecia taught her so very much about self esteem, self confidence, tolerance and life itself.  Abby is a "go-getter".  She loves life. She likes to giggle, goof off, play jokes, and have fun with her friends.  She loves to paint her finger and toe nails, but never less than two colors, usually at least three!  Peace signs, bright colors, Monster High, the book series "Katie Kazoo", musicals (especially "Mamma Mia") and lately she even claims to like that whole "Twilight" stuff! She is, undeniably growing up, even beginning to shave her legs...there are so many minutes I look back on fondly. I remember the first night she slept in a bed, not a crib, our trip to Arkansas, our trip to Pennsylvania, our trip to the mountains of Georgia, so many day trips around South Carolina, Halloweens, Christmases, Easters, Birthdays, and of course just our times at home. She is an amazing kid and I truly treasure every moment with her and enjoy watching her discover the world and herself.  She makes me very proud to be her Mom.

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