Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Molly-Pops!

Today my sweet, sweet Molly, or "Molly-Pops" as we like to call her, is four years old. Wow. Time has flown, yet it seems like yesterday that I was in the hospital anxiously awaiting her arrival.  So many words can be used to describe my baby girl: dynamic, larger than life, strong, funny, smart, athletic, girlie, and loving. 

Molly is a child of extremes. When she was a baby, all buckled and secure in her car seat, nothing made her happier than when I would swing her car seat back and forth. By swing, I mean a 180 degree angle, back and forth, rapidly. She like to be rocked as well, but rocked quickly, not gently. She was climbing my chest of drawers and to the tops of my counters by 2, could hang upside down on the swing set by 2 and has yet to slow down.  She is athletic and extremely strong. 

Today Molly is with her Dad. I did go up to her school to take special pink cupcakes with pink icing and sugared pearl sprinkles. She jumped into my arms as I walked in the room. I was able to hang out with her for about 30 minutes. I read to her class and held her the entire time. It was really hard being away from her today, but I am concentrating on her special party we have planned for Saturday.  This will be her first party with friends, not just family invited. I am planning on hot dogs, smores and a pinata! I really am not sure who is more excited, Molly or me. 

Molly has a laugh and a smile that starts at her toes and spreads through her body to the top of her head. When she laughs you can't help but laugh with her. You will do anything to keep her laughing and smiling because when she is sad she can break your heart.  I have been through many heartbreaking moments with Molly, a lot of these coming when she was sick. Molly and I have spent many long nights together as she struggled to breathe. Molly suffers from asthma like symptoms when she gets a bad cold. For the past several years I have feared the change in seasons in the Fall and Spring, as this was when her episodes flared up. Last Spring was especially difficult and Molly and I spent several nights rushing to the emergency room, once even being transported to the Children's Hospital via ambulance. These were all very scary, truly terrifying events for me. It is awful to see your child struggling to breathe and not be able to do anything about it. I had to learn how to be calm in order to calm her. As difficult as these nights were for us, I am so glad I was able to be there with her. Every breath I helped her take, every tear I wiped from her eyes just helped us grow closer. I am hopeful that Molly is starting to out grow these episodes. Abby was about this age when she outgrew them and Molly had a much smoother fall season and so far it has been months since we have had to use the nebulizer.  

I could go on and on about this child, about her love for her older sisters, her amazing closeness to her baby brother, her intelligence, etc, but what Mom couldn't about her kids?? Today, Molly is four. I am so proud to be her Mother. She is an amazing little girl that amazes me more every single day. I cherish every moment with her (as I do with all my kids) and so look forward to watching her grow and become an amazing person.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Happy Birthday to her! :-)

Darkwulfe said...

This post is so on the money. Molly is a new addition to my life, as are you, Abby and Zach, and Molly is a force to be reckoned with, a veritable force of nature. Her smile will light up the room, her temper will cause storm clouds to gather and her sadness will make the world around you cry. She is an amazing child with a true love for life. When she laughs it comes from deep inside and when she cries it is (usually) from the depths of her heart. I have come to love this child as my own and admire her joie de vivire. Happy birthday Molly pops!