Friday, August 13, 2010

Potty Training Victories

About two weeks ago Zach started asking to go potty. For four straight days he asked just before he had to go "poopie"...and yes, he "pooped" in the potty once a day for those four straight days. Needless to say I was shocked and figured it must just be a fluke, afterall, Molly just finished training a few months ago. Not to mention the "poopie" part was the hardest for her and is for a lot of kids, to think he was doing that first?? No way.

Well, I have been on vacation this week and on Wednesday Julio bought big boy underwear for Zach and all day yesterday and today he's been in them. He has gone "potty" more times than he hasn't and has only had a couple of accidents. I am really in shock.  Can it really be this easy?
Oh to have my last child out of diapers is a dream come true!

He isn't completely there, yet...I mean, ya'll...this child is still sleeping in a crib! He just turned 2 on June 11th. I haven't bothered changing the crib to the toddler bed as he has been quite content sleeping in the crib. He has not tried to climb out and apparently feels quite secure. So, for now, I just put on his "sleep pants" aka diaper while he's sleeping and as soon as he gets up I put him back in his big boy pants.

He starts daycare on Monday and they are more than happy to help continue the training so I think we are about to say goodbye to diapers for the final time. I am just over the moon excited.

Wow, who knew it could be this easy! This is one smart kid!

2 comments: said...

This is why I read blogs! These moments are to be cherished and preserved forever.

Congratulations Zach, may you never know the heartbreak of constipation.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

No diapers = money savings! Yay!