Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Need Your Advice

Ok, so I need your help here. My very mature for her age 7 year old, Abby, asked me yesterday if we could do something special, just the two of us. I, of course, said, "sure, what would you like to do?" Well....she wants me to take her to see "The Last Song" the Nicholas Sparks movie that is starring Miley Cyrus that is just out. 

It is rated PG for "thematic material, some violence, sensuality and mild language". The language I am sure we can handle, some violence, well it's Nicholas Sparks how violent can it really be? Sensuality, well? Not so sure about that...she is only 7! I mean I know kids grow up quickly and she and I have talked about, um, sensuality on an age appropriate level, but to see it in a movie? What exactly is "thematic material"? I Googled it and found that it is material related to a movie, duh, thanks, Google, I kind of gathered that from the definition. Basically if you are going to a kung fu movie expect fighting, if you are going to a boxing movie expect blood, so I guess if you are going to a Nicholas Sparks movie expect love, loss and tears. 

I have not read this book, so I only know what it is about from the IMBD website. I don't think Abby would enjoy it, except for the fact that Miley Cyrus is in it. But I also want her to feel I respect her wish to see a more "grown up" movie WITH her Mom. I mean, she doesn't want to go with her friends or anyone else just me. I am happy about this and I want to keep it this way for as long as possible. I think it is very important when there are multiple kids in a family to do one on one things from time to time with each one. It is interesting to see how different kids are when they are away from their siblings, it is when their individuality shines through. I also think during this difficult transition period in our family it is more important than ever that they all get individual, specialized attention. I am just not sure this is ideal for that.

I suggested we go to a book store. Now, before you laugh we did this once before and the child thought she was in Heaven. It was so much fun, watching her discover the enormous world of books was pure joy. Seeing her move from book shelf to book shelf and topic to topic was delightful. I was hoping she would remember that and jump on the chance. Not so far. However, luckily, Mommy has the last say and I know she will be happy just for it to be the two of us. At least somewhat happy. Ok, well, ice cream helps!

So, what do ya'll think? Am I being to "prudish" in not really wanting to take her to see this movie, or am I right on track? I need your advice! Thank you!


Kim said...

I don't know much about the movie but I do know being the last born kid out of five, spending individual time with a parent was pretty special.

And my mom would take me to the bookstore and it was probably the best outings we ever had.

I would just do whatever feels best.

Probably doesn't help much, huh?


Evil Twin's Wife said...

There is a website that thoroughly reviews movies...I'll try to find it and send it to you.

Jay said...

Make a deal with her. Tell her you guys will hang out at the bookstore and whatever, but when the movie comes out on DVD you'll rent it and check it out. If it's okay, then you guys will watch it on DVD together. I'm guessing it's nothing big. I would be more concerned that she would want the soundtrack and then start playing Miley's music all the time. LOL ;-)

How 'bout that for some totally brilliant advice from someone who has no kids and knows nothing about them? hahahaha

Iris Silk said...

You have two options. Take her to the movie and have a discussion about it when it is over. Or say "No, I don't think you are ready for this." and take her to see something else. Either way, you are there for her. Make a decision, Mom. Love, your Mom

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I left a comment earlier, but it's not here now! Wha?

coachswoman said...

When my daughter was that age, I would not have taken her to see this movie. I enjoy Nicholas Sparks and I think he is a wonderful author...and I think that he tells a good love story. But I don't think that a 7 year old has the emotional maturity to really grasp the context of it.

I think you are on track. I agree with the idea that she wants to go because Miley Cyrus is in the movie. Jay had a good idea...when it comes out for rent, you watch it and decide at that point if it's something you are comfortable with her watching. And for now, pick another, more age appropriate flick that the two of you can watch together.

Four Dinners said...

If she wants to go take her.

I took Jacqui to see 'Enter The Dragon' at a movie house showing 'old greats'. She loved it!

Far as I know she never kung fooed any of her schoolmates.

..er...actually, come to think of it there was this time....;-)