Thursday, February 4, 2010

Now for My Passion

Yesterday's blog was all about what I want to be when I grow up. Today's blog will let you in on what I would like to do if I could do anything. If a genie could wave a magic wand and "PRESTO" I would be a ... singer. Ok, I can hear some of you laughing from here..try to be gentle in your comments and hear me out.

I have always loved singing. I have sung in church, in school, taken a bit of formal instruction, and actually was the assistant Choir Director at our church for the Cherub group (NOT an easy try to control 40-50 three-five year olds for 45 minutes, WHILE pregnant! NOT for the faint of heart, mind you). 

When I was single I used to play my CD's grab a hair brush or other suitable microphone, sing and yes, even dance around my living room. Luckily most of the time I lived on a second floor and kept my blinds closed (most of the time, especially after I began receiving strange notes on my doorstep...story for another day, or never, actually). I would pretend to sing to boyfriends (too bad I never got up the nerve to ACTUALLY do it!), ex-boyfriends (take THAT!) and small nightclubs.

Now, my singing, dedicating and general goofiness is relegated to my van as I drive around town. You should see me on some really good days-dancing, singing at the top of my lungs and just making myself (and lots of passersby) laugh! 

I love music. Really good music speaks to you. It can express thoughts that are too deep for tears or words. It can capture a moment to be relived every time you hear the song. It can tell someone how you feel about them, whether as an amazing friend, lover or something else, without you even having to spell it out. Music recalls special memories. Hearing songs from my younger days reminds me of the silly 20 something I was and the silly 30 something I am now.  

So yes, if I could be absolutely anything at all I would want to be a singer. What about you? If you could be anything at all what would it be? What is your deepest passion?


Doc said...

I don't think I ever knew this that you really wanted to sing...

Mandy said...

Doc-Hard to believe, huh? Something you didn't ever know about me...I like to be a girl of mystery.

Anonymous said...

I am the world's WORST singer, for sure. But I like to sing in the car, too. I once was busted singing by a trucker who radio'd to others on the interstate to watch for me as I passed them by. It was pretty embarrassing.

Do you ever sing karaoke or anything?

Darkwulfe said...

HA! I LOVE SINGING! We gotta go Karaoke! Oh yeah! lol....once upon a time in another lifetime when I was still in church I used to sing in church, was the choir director at one church I used to go to and even wrote songs! lol Now I sing in my car, in the shower and I absolutely LOVE to KARAOKE! Oh yeah! I rarely go anymore cause I got nobody to go with...and I feel like the grouchy ol' drunk sitting in the corner nursing his drink when I go alone! Not conducive to all...but

Evil Twin's Wife said...

You're right about music telling a story. It reminds me of the song "Waste" by Phish:
Don't wanna be an actor pretendin on the stage
Don't wanna be a writer with my thoughts out on a page
Don't wanna be a painter because everyone comes to look
Don't wanna be anything where my life is an open book

I'm a behind the scenes type person, so I'll say "Trophy Wife". LOL.

Jetsa said...

I would love to be an actress! My acting skills only go as far as me pretending to cry when my son does something I don't like. Yeah, even then he doesn't buy it!