Friday, January 15, 2010


As I was unpacking my suitcase this evening I thought I would share with you the stuff it takes for me to go out of town for a week:

7 pairs of shoes (to be fair, I did buy 2 pairs while I was there)
7 pairs of pants
10 Sweaters/shirts
4 Nighties
unknown pairs of panties/bras
2 coats
4 scarves
3 different body washes (hey, you never know which one I prefer each day!)
8 necklaces
10 pairs of earrings
3 T shirts
1 Makeup Bag
3 Books
2 Magazines
1 Laptop
1 Suitcase (yes, one. Unless you count my bathroom bag)

Now, I know this seems like a lot to you guys out there, I am hoping you girls will back me up on the amount of things I packed. I, of course, packed extra as I didn't know how often I would go out at night (turns out, pretty often) and I might have wanted to change clothes beforehand. I also wasn't sure what I would feel like wearing each day, would the office be cold meaning I would want to wear warmer clothes, or would it be warm meaning I would want to wear cooler clothes. I wasn't sure how many presentations I would have to give, and I always want to look my best, especially if I am going to be infront of my peers and managers.

I also am not used to having a whole week of time on my hands. Obviously I was at the office during the day, but in the evenings I am used to coming home and taking care of my kids. I knew I would have lots of "free time" to read, relax, whatever, so I wanted to take advantage of that with some good books!

Oh one last note, it was so nice to come home to hugs, cuddles and love.  Then, hubs says, "I like your hair" (it's the same as it was when I left). "You look like you lost weight" (possible, I guess, since I mostly drank beer and ate very little) "You must have gotten in some good work outs while you were away" (um...sure I did, we'll go with that). All this in one breath. You think he's hoping for a little something tonight, or what??


Darkwulfe said...

I have done a LOT of travelling in my day. First as a missionary kid growing up and then just being too restless to stay put for too long! I Have packed a vehicle many many many thing I never understood...WHy do women need 5 bags to take a weekend trip? Now I know...thank you for explaining this life long dilemma to me! My day is all better!

Jay said...

Well, as long as you only needed one bag, that's doing pretty good. Men do have the advantage of being able to just wear their business casual straight from work to the restaurant or wherever. And the same shoes most of the time.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I would probably have a similar list, only no nighties (sleep in panties only) and no extra jewelry. I have too many earrings to change them on a regular basis (or actually at all - they only come out every 2 yrs when I have an MRI...I have 12).

Doc said...

Once again I will never understand the need for so many shoes.... and for the record please don't try to explain it to me. I just don't get it.

Mandy said...

Darkwulfe-glad I could be of assistance.

Jay-in the interest of full disclosure, it was one suitcase, one "bathroom" bag, one laptop bag, one briefcase and one purse. But only ONE had clothes in

ETW-I love having different necklaces/earrings for different outfits, just one of my "things". As far as the nighties, Hubby came to visit one night and I wanted something special to wear, so I brought a variety, depending on the mood!

Doc-No, I won't try to explain it to you, if you don't get it, you don't get it. I'm sure I couldn't make you understand even if I tried.

Will Shealy said...

Mandy, as far as warm or cold, let me recommend :-) But 4 scarves? Four? Really? I also don't get 8 necklaces. But then, I'm pretty simple where clothes are concerned. I pack enough suits, and then a few pairs of jeans, sweaters, and a few tees. I guess if I were soda, I would be the "un-gay." What would you do if you had to fly and limit your luggage? (Though I have to say, one suitcase with all that - I'm completely impressed, sis).