Friday, January 22, 2010

Odds and Ends

* I am very excited NASCAR is just around the corner. It is usually a great way to celebrate my birthday and Valentine's Day! One of these days I WILL make it to Daytona, I assure you. I am also quite excited to hear the "powers that be" have decided to relax a bit and let the fellas actually race, including a little bump drafting. Good, perhaps we can get back to the way things are supposed to be? I mean, c'mon, can we all agree last year was more than just a little bit BORING....*yawn*

* Can Jimmy Johnson make it 5 in a row??? I can't wait to find out!

* How difficult is Fantasy NASCAR? I've never done any sort of fantasy football or anything, but have been thinking it might be fun to try it with NASCAR. Is their a way to do it online just for fun? Any insight/direction would be much appreciated. Or a tutorial, even!

* Why is it when I tell my kids not to do something, when they do it anyway and end up hurt, I always respond with "See? I told you that you were going to get hurt!" Doesn't exactly scream kind hearted Beaver Cleaver Mom, does it??

* I watched a really good movie the other day in my hotel room. I woke up around 3am, couldn't go back to sleep and got sucked into "Butterflies are Free" a 1972 Best Picture Nominee staring a young and gorgeous Goldie Hawn. It also starred Eddie Albert, better known for his role on Green Acres. I cannot believe this is the same guy! He plays a blind man in the movie and Goldie Hawn is his flighty neighbor in a San Francisco apartment. I thought it read a bit like a play and sure enough, that is how it started out. Check it out if you get a chance. Really a fun little movie. 

* Tennessee football fans are really pissed at Lane Kiffen, understandably so. But, have you heard the latest? They actually want to name the waste water treatment plant the Lane Kiffin Sewage Center. Seriously, an attorney in Knoxville, Drew McElroy, has actually filed paperwork with Knoxville City Council to make this happen. I personally, think it's hilarious, but doubt it will actually pass. I'll try to keep you posted on what happens.

* A man in Fairbanks, Alaska was sentenced to one day in jail for throwing a double decker taco in the face of a manager at Taco Bell. Too bad he didn't make a run for the border...

Have a Great Weekend folks, I am hoping to do so myself...after this week, I need it! *MUAH*


Doc said...

sombody has to knock Jimmie off and I think Jeff can this season. Barring that look fro much of the same as the past two years. As long as Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, and Carl Edwards are unhappy I am very happy! Letting the garage police itself sounds good in theory but who in their right mind would let Tony Stewart (love ya Tony) and Robby gordon police anything?
Fantasy NASCAR is easy... I have played for over a decade. no tutorial needed just sign up for Yahoo fantasy sports.
It won't happen for this race season but Jayman and I are cooking up ideas for a Twitter/Blogger fantasy league on yahoo starting with the NCAA tourney

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Don't know anything about NASCAR, but I do remember watching Butterflies are Free. I might have to watch it again and refresh my memory!

VoteAudrey said...

I didn't know you were such an avid Nascar fan! Now I may run for the border lol

Darkwulfe said...

* Why is it when I tell my kids not to do something, when they do it anyway and end up hurt, I always respond with "See? I told you that you were going to get hurt!" Doesn't exactly scream kind hearted Beaver Cleaver Mom, does it??*

Hey I make a quick glance to be sure that it is superficial and then I laugh at my kids! Tell them they had it coming! jk serious though no...if there is no harm or damage done I dont see anything wrong with using it as an object lesson for them to learn the value of listening to someone that know what they are talking about!

Will Shealy said...

You lost me with the NASCAR items. I know I'm probably missing something, but cars driving in circles don't really get my juices flowing. I mean it's cars - driving in circles. Repeatedly. I can pretty much tell you what's going to happen from one moment to the next. But that's just me. :-)

I agree completely with Darkwulfe about your kids. Experience is the best teacher.

I've never seen Butterflies Are Free - worth checking out?

Mandy said...

Will-OF COURSE it's worth checking out, it's why I mentioned it.

Doc-signed up for Yahoo Fantasy Nascar last night. Looking forward to it. We'll see what Jeff does this year, but you know I do pull for JJ and Tony! Been a fan of Tony since I became a NASCAR fan. I know how you feel about him, so we'll just leave it at that.

ETW-I did enjoy Butterflies are Free, kept me from going back to sleep that night, but it was worth it.

Audrey-See you learn something new about me from reading my blog, make it a daily habit and you never know what you might learn!

Wulfy-I agree, experience is a good teacher! I laugh at times too, if they aren't seriously injured, or I tell 'em to go rub some dirt on it!

Four Dinners said...

Ta for the visit babe...can't hang about a show to do...

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- no downloading. You just go to the homepage and click on 'Listen' and it's me from 9pm UK time tonight. That in itself is something of a problem...;-)

I'll be back for a read tomorrow.

Friends are very special eh?

Love n hugs

4D x

g'nite from the UK!!!!