Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me! Monday-Dentist Edition

I can honestly say I had a heck of a week last week. I am very lucky to have been blessed with really good teeth. I have never worn braces or had a cavity, until recently. A couple of weeks ago as I was chomping away on some gum I suddenly noticed my gum was "crunching". Uh-oh. This can't be good. It wasn't. One of my back lower right molars had broken. Luckily it didn't cause me any pain. I was scheduled to go out of town so my dentist took a quick look, determined, if I "babied" it that it would be ok until I got back home.

Fast forward to this past Monday. I am sitting in the dental chair (which I didn't agonize about for days before hand, oh no, not me) awaiting my really attractive dentist to come at me with some very long needles. Actually I have no idea what the needles looked like, as although I am not a needle phobic, I did NOT want to see these that were headed in my mouth. It took 3 injections to completely get me numb. What a crazy feeling. I guess the whole procedure took less than an hour, but the aftermath was the worse.

I did NOT whine complain on Twitter that day about my numbness that seemed to go on and on and on. Oh no, I'm tough. I did NOT then complain when the numbness wore off that I felt I had been hit in the jaw. I mean, come on, it's not like I'm the first person to experience Novocaine, after all! I also gave birth to three children, how can a little Novocaine send me over the edge? Let me just tell you my jaw still hurts. I am still taking extra strength pain meds a couple of times a day. It seems a bit strange to me that I would still be hurting this badly. Crazy, the tooth doesn't and never has hurt, but the jaw? Yeah, the jaw is painful.

Guess what? I get to go back to the dentist on Thursday for more x-rays and to schedule a cleaning. Oh boy! I am very excited and no, I'm not sarcastic. Ever. Oh no, not me!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


Doc said...

No... not you! LOL

Anonymous said...

The shots aren't fun, but I think the worst part is the numbness that lingers on and on and on... I'm always afraid I'll bite the inside of my mouth while it's numbe and won't know it.

Jay said...

Needles don't bother me at all. Never have. Unless they want to stick them in my mouth. Then they bother me a lot.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Those novacain shots hurt like a mo fo! I hope you're on the mend!