Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weather Excitement

So today is a meteorological dream, at least I think if I were a meteorologist it would be a dream. We have the makings of a major storm. It is all the talk all day today. I woke up this morning to a torrential, constant downpour. By the time I was out of the house and on the road it seemed to be letting up a bit. But the damage had been done, at least as far as the commute is concerned. And at least as far as the first of this system was concerned. The worst seems to just be getting here.

I live just outside of Charleston, SC. Beautiful city? No doubt. Great tourist destination? You bet. (In fact, if you are ever in the area and need a tour guide, I'm your girl!)  Anywhere I'd rather live? No way.  Except when it rains. Charleston was built over marshlands and it is sinking. You need to look no further than home plate at the "Joe", where our New York Yankee farm team, the Riverdogs play. It's sinking.

We have a major thoroughfare, the Crosstown, that takes you through downtown and into West Ashley or James Island. It floods at high tide. Can you begin to imagine what happens when high tide corresponds with any amount of rain? I believe there were no fewer than a dozen or so stranded, stalled out, cars this morning. For the life of me I cannot understand why, if you can't see the road, do folks insist on driving through the ponding?? I am sure the insurance companies, rental car companies and body shops love to see the rain, because inevitably several, if not dozens, of cars think they will make it through the flood. I won't even begin to discuss all the wrecks and traffic jams from the rain!

I guess I get a little excited when we have "weather events". I can remember my aunt having the Weather Channel on her television 24/7. She was always on top of what was going on and what *might* be getting ready to happen. My husband is no different. He will be out working a job and will call me to "see what the radar" looks like. I am usually a little perplexed at this as he works...outside. "Um..I believe if you look up, my darling, you can see what the weather is like??" This usually starts an argument so I just tell him the radar looks good. He is a weather fanatic. I have no doubt the weather channel or one of the local channels will be on our TV most of the evening. He will tell me to "make sure the walk in closet is clear" or, "are the heavy quilts in there to cover our heads with??" Seriously. This is where I get all my questions and debates about whether or not I should leave the house if severe weather is threatening!

You would think my husband was the one that had been in a tornado, but nope, that would be me. You would think he was the one that endured Hurricane Hugo. Again, nope, that would be me. He has, however, worked in hurricane and weather ravaged areas, so I suppose this may be where all his attentiveness comes from and I am very grateful he looks out for me.

Ok, I must stop blogging...I think I hear a weather alert going off in the other room..."yes dear, the closet is clear"...

*car image from The Post and Courier

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