Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Wow, is it really Monday again? I think there is a "hurry up button" somewhere that is pressed on December 1st. At least once you become an adult, when you are a child I'm pretty sure it's a "slow down button".

This past weekend was a rare treat for me and my husband. Abby spent the night with my Mom on Saturday night and to top it off Molly and Zach fell asleep very early. We had the night to ourselves, a rare treat indeed. So how did we spend this rare night of coupledom? We did NOT cuddle on the couch, light candles, dance, or any of those oh so sappy, "barf worthy" (as my friend would say) things, nope, we took advantage of this child free time to wrap presents. Or should I say, I wrapped presents, my husband did NOT help! We did decide to watch a movie (while I wrapped), which again is really rare, as there is usually some sporting event on our television which is a must see for my husband. Besides with 3 kids, we don't very often make it through an entire movie. We did NOT watch a romantic movie, or a scary movie, nope, we watched "Four Christmases", kinda cute, I guess.

It took me several hours, but everything, at least everything I have already bought, is wrapped and under the tree. I did NOT save myself tons of time by forgoeing the bows and ribbons. They usually fall off under the tree anyway! I did come up with a really good system this year, however. I have a different wrapping paper for each child, so no tags. The kids have no idea which presents are for them! I have Barbie paper for Abby, Tinkerbell for Molly, Mickey Mouse for Zach and Iron Man for my nephew. They haven't figured it out, yet. I do think I will spend the next 2 weeks doing everything in my power to keep them away from the presents. Zach and Molly have already opened one gift each. I did NOT tell them Santa would take those gifts back to the North Pole. Nor did I tell them our "Elf on a Shelf" would be relaying lots of messages to Santa, as well. Nope didn't do that!

I did NOT go in the kitchen to find Molly making herself (yes, she's only 2, well almost 3) a bowl of cereal. This would imply I'm not keeping a very good eye on my children and we all know I watch them like a hawk! I also, upon finding Molly on the counter with the milk, discovered Zach sitting on the floor eating the fruity Cheerios Molly had dropped. I did NOT let him continue doing this stop him. I only let him do this because my floors are, of course, as clean as any dish that comes out of my dishwasher. I did NOT simply turn around and leave the room. Oh, no...NOT ME!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Haha! I always say a child has to eat a peck of dirt in their lifetime. But, I'm sure those cheerios met the "5 second rule". :-)

Doc said...

Fruity Cheerios sound yummy.

Mandy said...

ETW-dirt is good for you!

Doc-They have less sugar than Fruit Loops and are quite yummy, even off of my kitchen floor. Just ask Zach.