Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Tradition

In keeping with all the other blogs I read today I decided to tell you a little about our Thanksgiving.

We pretty much invite everyone to our house every year. By everyone I mean: my Mom, my Brother, my Brit Dad (who passed away this year), my Sister-in-law and her son, my dear friend (and Molly's Godmother) Sherry, my brother's friend from Argentina, Maria (this year to be joined by her brother and aunt), and anyone else we know who doesn't have anywhere to go.

I am very excited to see my brother's friend, Maria. She, as I stated, is from Argentina. She is gorgeous, so very smart and fun to be around. She has quickly become part of our family. I am going to try REALLY, REALLY hard to hold back on the Mark Sanford jokes (if you remember Sanford's 'soul mate' is a Maria from Argentina). Ok, those that know me know this won't happen.  I will drop a joke or two, no question. It should also be mentioned that my husband thinks Maria is wonderful.  This should be really fun for me...heeheehee...

The menu:

Turkey and gravy, my Mom's sausage dressing (I didn't know what to think of this either, at first, but let me just tell you it is amazing), macaroni and cheese, collards (not my choice!), broccoli salad, Maria is making empanadas (never tried, but why not?), deviled eggs, my famous sweet potato casserole (NO marshmallows-yuck, but instead topped with my homemade praline topping), my special recipe cranberry sauce (yes I get asked to make it every year-fresh cranberries, orange zest, little cinnamon, secret ingredients) and, of course, bread. For dessert we will have Sherry's homemade warm apple crisp topped with ice cream and Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie made by my chef school grad brother. Oh, and my sister-in-law is providing homemade cheese straws as an appetizer. Whew...I think I shall not eat anything else until Thanksgiving and then not eat again until Monday!

I am very excited that I don't have to pack up all the kids and travel. It is nice to celebrate the holiday in my own home. However, it does make for a LOT of housework trying to clean and then KEEP clean a house with three children and one husband. Add to that preparing the food washing the china and crystal, etc...But I gladly accept the challenge and welcome as many as we can feed into our home and into our family!

Perhaps I will post some pictures after Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your family and friends! There is so much to be thankful for this year!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Very true - so much to be thankful for this year. I also enjoy the fact that we don't have to travel. I wish we had more family close by to invite over, but the four of us make it fun anyway!

Will Shealy said...

Don't forget - I'm making smoked salmon and pepperoncini canapes! Yes, it'll be a good day - I hope with all the wine I'll remember it all - you know how the wine flows in our family holidays!